Lobbying for Change

Due to the unresponsiveness of the Government of Cyprus, despite our earnest desire to work with them and the industry, to ensure that measures were taken to improve the unsafe practices employed in the industry, we have been forced to go elsewhere to lobby for support in our quest for change.

CPAG and its supporters are no strangers to lobbying the EU and UK Government  – the UK is the main market for foreign buyers in Cyprus – and the problems facing buyers  have been escalated to the highest level with questions asked of the EU Commission by various UK MEPs and also in the UK House of Lords.

As a result of this mass lobbying the UK Government and the EU Commission have both officially stated previously that if it could be shown that relevant laws are being broken then they would take the appropriate actions.

Moreover, EU consumer protection laws have been transposed into national law in all the EU member countries as a result of EU Directive 2005/29/EC (specifically in Cyprus – law 103 (I) /2007) which covers Unfair Commercial Practices between businesses and consumers.

Our Updates page explains how the practices in Cyprus are in conflict with EU and Cyprus law and our latest round of lobbying the EU and UK Government – the UK being the biggest market for foreign buyers in Cyprus. You can also find out exactly who to lobby.

Please will YOU consider joining in this effort?

Thank you in advance!

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